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What is a Casino Party?

Experience the thrills of playing real casino games in a real casino atmosphere and have the chance to win real prizes. All this without any unpleasant side effects, such as losing large sums of money, which is unavoidable when gambling in Las Vegas. Casino parties can be described as an "upbeat Vegas experience."

Since this is a theme party, we create the fantasy of being a "high-roller" in Las Vegas.

Heavy Participation:
Have no fear as to whether the casino will "go over" with your group. The games are pure fun and the excitement is irresistible. For those who don't know how to play, the dealers will explain the games in the simplest of terms and make it fun for all.

Most likely once the party is over, your guests will be commenting that is was the best party that they have ever been to!

The casino will be set up with mostly blackjack tables (21), there may also be craps tables (dice), a roulette table and probably a Texas Holdem table. Your guests receive an equal amount of chips free at the start of the party.  They can try their luck at any of the game tables-just like in a real casino.

The difference between a casino party and Las Vegas is that players can not "cash-in" their chips for cash. At the end of the party, the chips are used to win prizes, which the customer provides. The most popular way to distribute prizes is by "raffle." Your guests "cash-in" their chips for raffle tickets and you have a "drawing" for the prizes. You can also expect our dealers to be a lot friendlier and more helpful, since it's a party!

We are more insured than most in our industry as we carry Workers's Compensation Insurance as well as General Liability Insurance

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