About Us

Casion Party - Backjack Table

Our consistently high performance since 1985 results from having the highest standard in the industry. Our procedures and safeguards have taken many years to develop. Below are some of the reasons why our customers use us time and again and why the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority chooses us to represent them at functions when they come to the Gulf Coast Area. We represent the best of "Las Vegas Style" casino parties in the area.

Hiring the Right People

Our dealers help make your party a success. They go through training and testing to deal "Las Vegas Style" games, but in a friendly manner. They must pass a written exam before working parties. You will notice our dealers are friendly and professionally attired for your event.

Experienced, Well-Organized Supervisors

Supervisors have a party notebook for each party, detailing the plans for your party. "To ensure that we never forget anything needed for your party, we work from detailed pick lists. Everything is double checked before the truck leaves the warehouse".

Professional Set-up

"In addition to allowing 2-3 hours for set-up we also allow another 2 hours for a dinner break for the setup crew and 30 minutes for a dealer meeting. Delays do occasionally occur, but our scheduling has so much built-in flexibility that we never have been late for the start of the party." To ensure your party is on time, we use separate trucks and crews for each party booked on the same night. Our dealers are scheduled to arrive 30 minutes prior to the start time to review all details of the event, allow for traffic delays and give the customer flexibility to start the party a little early if desired.

Customized Services

Artwork, sponsor signs, room layouts and planning, Party Planning Checklist, Sources for Vegas posters, casino rules and procedures, sample solicitation letters and more are available.


To ensure we maintain our high standards, we send out a Customer Satisfaction Survey after each party. We find our clients are highly satisfied and repeat customers year-after-year. Call us today to book your next party or fundraiser.

We Make Excitement!

Experience the thrills of playing real casino games in a real casino atmosphere and have the chance to win real prizes.