Tips for a Successful Casino Party

Any successful party depends on both good planning and proper execution. Casino Parties Unlimited professional planners will help you design the perfect occasion and our experienced dealers keep your party action exciting for both novice and skilled players.

Space Requirements

For your convenience, we keep many of the major hotels and country club floor plans on file.

It is important that your guests get all the action they like for this fun-filled evening. Let's make sure you have the space you need for all of your guests. We will be happy to do an on-site evaluation, or can e-mail or fax a floor plan of your event space. Our professional staff will help you design the placement of tables, games and slot machines. The following guidelines help plan the space required. The space includes room for the dealers, players, stools or other necessary equipment.

Having fun playing blackjack
  • Tables for games like black jack, poker and roulette require approximately 80 square feet per table.
  • Craps Tables require approximately 100 square feet for optimal spacing.
  • Slot Machines require about 10 square feet per machine. They can be against a wall or arranged into a slot kiosk.
How We Calculate the Number of Tables You Need

To make sure that your guests have access to the tables they want and, at the pace they want, make sure you have enough game positions for your guests to play. Craps tables serve 12-14 guests while Blackjack tables and Roulette tables serve seven per table. Slot machines serve one guest at a time. The number of tables you need depends on several factors described below.

  • The number of guests you are having
  • Other types of activities such as dancing, auctions, food service
  • Budget Constraints

Our years of experience have shown that 70% of your guests will want to play Casino games at any one time. Even when music and dancing are offered, guests seem to enjoy thrilling Las Vegas style gambling. If you expect 100 people at your party, you should expect 70% of your guests or 70 people to need an opening at any one time. Approximately 9 game tables will serve a party of 100.

Blackjack, Craps, Roulette and Texas Holdem Poker are the most favored games. Blackjack is the overwhelming favorite. We recommend at least 5-1-1 for any party. For a party of 100-7 black jack tables, 1 Craps table, and 1 Roulette table or Texas Holdem will give all your guests easy access to their favorite games. We will gladly add slot machines and other requested games.

Promoting/Advertising Your Casino Party
  • Send out well designed informative invitations well in advance.
  • Let guests know of themes, costume requirements, parking or other special information.
  • Promote prizes, silent auctions and other special events.
  • For fundraisers you may want to ask guests to sponsor a table; be sure to include the rates for the table.
  • Offer sponsor signs and program mentions for their generous donations. (We provide the sponsor signs at no charge.)

We Make Excitement!

Experience the thrills of playing real casino games in a real casino atmosphere and have the chance to win real prizes.